Samsung Note7, S7 Edge or S7?

Reports claim most Note7 customers
are opting for an S7 edge replacement…

Samsung is reportedly telling S7 owners
their phones are safe because the Galaxy is confusing !

Amid its full-scale recall of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung is reportedly reminding owners of other devices with “7” in the name that their phones are still safe to use. Reports receiving a push notification on a Galaxy S7, apparently from Samsung, that specifies that the phone “is not an affected device” and is not subject to recall. It’s not yet clear whether Galaxy S7 Edge owners are also receiving these messages, nor whether owners of older Samsung phones are getting them.

While the S7, the S7 Edge, and the Note 7 are all markedly different phones, the messages may come in handy for people who have heard about the spontaneously combustion and the subsequent recall, but only know they have “a Samsung Galaxy” phone. They may also go some way to repair Samsung’s brand reputation among its customers, which is likely to be tarnished by both the company’s failure to spot the Note 7 problems before bringing the phone to market, and the failure to fix it once devices were in consumer hands. The company’s finances have already taken a hit from the recall — Samsung decreased its expected profits by a third yesterday.

If you didn’t get the memo, the Galaxy Note7 saga finally came to and end a couple of days ago. It was definitely not the resolution the Korean giant had hoped for, but the flagship phablet is officially canceled and no longer in production. However, there is still the matter of pulling all the units that are already out there.

Samsung is being extra accommodating about that process as well. Yesterday it announced that it will even be exchanging second-hand units, regardless of origin. By all accounts the Korean giant just wants the saga to end and move on, which despite all the criticism seems to be playing well with fans.

According to a Taiwanese supplier chain, around 90% or customers, coming in to return their Note7 units, as per the recall are opting to walk out with a Galaxy S7 edge instead. That is definitely a good sign of the unwavering fan love. And just to keep everybody’s minds at ease, Samsung has also been pushing messages to Galaxy S7 units, to reaffirm they are not affected by the battery crisis.

The model-wide recall is being conducted in slightly different ways on various markets, but the aforementioned free replacement option is typically available and apparently quite popular, since major carriers have already reported that their Galaxy S7 edge stock is depleted and Samsung has been ramping-up production to cope.



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