Ramkot Fort (Mangla) Punjab

The Crumbling Giant of Azad Kashmir

Ramkot Fort is a major landmark of Mangla city. The fort, located on the top of a hill and surrounded by River Jehlum from three sides, presents a picturesque landscape. The fort is accessible from Mangla Lake which is about 20km away from Mangla city. Most of the fort was demolished during the creation of Mangla Dam; a part remains and serving as public amusement place.

Muslim rulers of Kashmir built numerous forts in 16th – 17th century AD in order to protect their boundaries. Ramkot Fort sitting at the top of hill is said to be one of them. The Sikh Maharaja of Kashmir further fortified Ramkot. The fort was built over the site of an old Hindu temple, and during excavations remains of one of temple found here. Relics of the 5th – 9th century AD also have been near the temple.




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