Just try once… invest emotionally ! 

“I know it’s scary to try. It’s the fear of actually caring about something… of investing your emotional energy into it and wanting it wholeheartedly and then failing. 
It seems safer not to try… to live with the painful regrets and the forever wondering. It makes sense to you I know… if you don’t try – you can’t fail, and if you don’t fail – you can’t be hurt. It seems so much easier to not care and let it go… 
But here’s the thing – you’ll never let it go because you already care. You care so much that it’s paralyzing you. You care to the point where even the very idea of failure causes enough terror in you to affect your decisions. If you don’t try, that thing you fear so much – complete and utter failure – is not just a possibility, it’s a guarantee. 
But if you try, you’ll never fail… you may not achieve exactly what you want I’ll be honest – but you won’t fail. You won’t accomplish nothing because even conquering your fear of failure is an achievement in itself. 
Life is about living… it’s about emotional investment and isn’t it time you genuinely cared enough about something to risk being hurt just for the chance to get close to it? Isn’t it worth looking back and knowing that you actually lived your life for a single moment and dared not only to dream – but reach for that dream? That’s not nothing… that is something grand all in itself and it’s an achievement you can be proud of. 
To love a thing is to be vulnerable to being hurt because of it – whether it’s a person, an idea or a dream… Believe me when I say that the greatest pain of all is not to try and forever wonder the outcome what would have been if you had… Knowing will always be better than not knowing… and you’ll never know what could be within your grasp if you never reach for it.”


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