Traveling a long journey of heartless miles she walked alone to the shore tired with a heavy heart… wondering where life has brought her to a point where she cannot face even herself. With nothing in her mind she wanted to be alone where no one could reach her, so she could scream so high that can tear apart sky… shattering all the stars just like her dreams were abandoned. She was so lost in the chasing her dreams she never knew when the galaxy of her dreams was decimated.

Standing on the shore, her eyes filled with tears deeper than the ocean, with empty eyes staring into the sky she gazed upon the moon relating to herself , alone in the sky shining bright with stars which looked too tiny in comparison to the moon yet alone and spreading its calm light making it romance the night with clouds covering it and still it manages to shine through the clouds.

Struggling through her feelings her eyes fixed on the moon which came right next a beacon and it looked like as it was resting on the beacon. Suddenly her infatuation turned her attention to the beacon which could lead her to the moon and she could embrace it. Tired and emotionally drained but finding something so like herself she was compelled to walk towards the beacon which was vanishing in the clouds and reaching the moon, though her feet were sore, ripped, bleeding every drop of life which could not reach her eyes and drop as tear dripped her feet, her clothes turned into rages where moon was touching body parts she could sense that its something that was meant to be for her and her only. With hope for a companion such as the moon she kept walking towards the beacon. With her tired body but a hope took her all the to the beacon… upon reaching the beacon she was so close to what was exactly like her… what stood between her and her destiny was the huge wooden closed door of the beacon, she tried opening it but in vain. She sat down the stairs next to the beacon door, she knocked, kicked and battered the door to open up, cursing her life for whenever she is close to the happiness it drifts away countless miles. Broken, teared apart she sat down on the gigantic steps and stated to cry looking at the moon hysterically.

She was sitting cursing her fate and everything in her life…pleading God to help her achieve at least once for what wanted… as her words left her thirsty, cracked and ripped lips, a soft breeze whirling from the top of the beacon travelling down, forced the door to open from inside with a streak of light shining through the passage made to the beacon. Seeing this she became so glad, it was the first time she believed in the supremacy of God. She was glad that finally she will be able to get what she wanted.

Walking towards it, she slid herself through the huge door of the beacon stepping right inside it. Upon entering the beacon she was amazed with the lights shining inside it, with beautiful inscriptions on every brick and step, two huge staircases of the beacon were diminishing right towards the top of the beacon. Her infatuation (passion) to reach the moon was so strong that forgetting all her journey she started to climb steps of the beacon, taller then her height she kept climbing one after another… but after all she was human… tired but hopeful she sat down on a step when eyes ran through a scripture on the wall… it was so beautifully written that she got involved into reading and she forgot all her pain and suffering she have had… moving from brick to brick, step to step every word was a lesson and every sentence was wisdom… she got so immensely involved into reading the beacon she wasn’t aware of the fact that she has reached to the top of the beacon… she read through the staircase she has taken… wanted to read the other one as well when she realized that she has reached to the top and now she can embrace moon and share the wisdom passed to her on her journey to reach him she moves to the terrace of the beacon right in front of the moon shining bright looking so beautiful and bigger… but still so far away that she could not reach it… once more she started to complaining life with all the knowledge she had from the walls of the tower, but she was glad to some extent that even if she was not able to get what she wanted she at least is having wisdom of tower and felt proud of it.

Sitting on the top terrace of the beacon with all the light of knowledge in her eyes she started to look around and found herself so high that everything looked small to her… on her one side sea was all she could see… rocks she climbed which tormented her were looking like pebbles and stones… she felt life again. Proud and happy she looked everywhere and it was beautiful everywhere… standing on a high podium she was ruling everything, everything that ruined her. Feeling made her so happy and proud. she sat and enjoyed every moment of it… when suddenly she looked down to the bottom of the tower… the door which once was too huge for her was looking like a rat hole… so tiny that she could hold it between the shortest distance of her thumb and the index finger. While looking at the door like this she completely forgot how big it was. Haunted by the fact that she will not be able to pass through the door which she walked in from and felt as if she is trapped inside it… she started to think ways she can make to go back to the life she was living…  desperately she started to think of ways to get out of the beacon she wanted to cast her self from the top but idea of death drove her crazy as she was wanting to live more now… she decides to break the beacon brick by brick and escape this prison… as the door appeared too small for her to pass through… She started to break the beacon brick by brick, every word on it every script on it, breaking what made her journey so easy to the top where she stood so high but her fear of imprisonment was far more higher.

She started desecrating the beacon just to reach back… stone by stone she devastated beacon into pieces destroying every letter to the pieces, reaching to the ground found her self surrounded by the debris of beacon finding herself next to the door which was still as same as it was once before when she walked in… huge and closed

Upon reaching the ground the moon was gone and she was standing on the ruins of once her throne where she was on the top of everything and could feel like a queen… the door was still there but her fear drove her to dethroning herself from where she was ruling everything and now she was standing on the ground…

Once again moving back towards life she starts her journey back… searching where she could feel on the top of the world…


2 thoughts on “Wreck… 

  1. This lesson is eye opening. So much to understand. Instead of returning back she could have gone farther and never looked back. Realising the fact that what is closed will always remain close for her now, because she decided to go out and now she should not return because nothing is going to be the way it used to be.

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