Once upon a time!

You and I used to be about as close as two people could possibly be, and now look at us… so alienated… so separate. 
I remember a time when we used to work like a well-oiled machine… all the intricate thoughts and emotions between us, moving through rhythmic motions in perfect harmony. 
Whatever happened to those days when we were so in tune that we could sense even the slightest emotional tremors in each other without even having to be in the same room? The way we would reach out to one another with our thoughts and listen with our hearts… always wanting to be closer, ever closer… where did that all go? 
What a sad sorry thing it is now… All that we had is gone, left abandoned as though it were a room and you simply got up one day and left. 
But my love still lingers in the doorway looking back, refusing to leave because it is unable accept the emptiness you’ve left in your wake… 
And all I am left with is that thought… 
That single sentence echoing around in my head… 
“We used to be so close…”. What a sad sorry sentence that is. 
Is anything more expressive of emptiness than that? 
Six little words that say so much about just how little is left…”


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