Travel Fare Charges on NATCO

Lot of people don’t like or prefer traveling by buses anymore but to discover a place the safest way for a tourist is to use local transport, by doing so you do really miss out on a lot of things like seeing a lot of places by pulling over your own vehicle but if you really are looking forward for the real zest of a place then you cannot separate it from its inhabitants.

probably the best time to gather knowledge about the place is to talk to the locals travelling in that local vehicle with you. Ample of time to discuss if you get to have them engaged or start to dig into them…

NATCO (Northern Areas Transport Company – (Bus Services)

Gilgti To Rawalpindi (595 K.M) Contact: 05811-920684-920435
1 Gilgit To Rawalpindi Daewoo Vip 07:00 Rs. 2200/-
2 Gilgit To Rawalpindi Hi Roof Special Rs. 1800/-
3 Gilgit To Rawalpindi Normal Bus 10:30 Rs. 1500/-

Skardu To Rawalpindi (780 K.M) Contact: 05815-920289, 452188
1 Skardu To Rawalpindi Normal Bus 16:00 Rs. 2000/-
2 Khapulu To Rawalpindi Coaster 13:00 Rs. 2200/-

Rawalpindi To Karachi & Gb Contact: 051-486401-4, 9239556, 9239559
1 Rawalpindi To Karachi Daewoo 13:00 Rs. 2200/-
2 Rawalpindi To Gilgit Daewoo Vip 05:00 Rs. 2200/-
3 Rawalpindi To Gilgit Package 19:00 Rs. 1200/-
4 Rawalpindi To Hunza Bus 18:00 Rs. 1700/-
5 Rawalpindi To Astore Hi-roof 18:45 Rs. 1450/-
6 Rawalpindi To Chilas Coaster 21:00 Rs. 1140/-
7 Rawalpindi To Ghakuch Bus 17:30 Rs. 1680/-
7 Rawalpindi To Skurdu Bus 17:00 Rs. 1800/-

Hunza-Nagar To Rawalpindi (695 K.M) Contact: 05813-920111
1 Hunza To Rawalpindi Bus 10:00 Rs. 1950/-

Gahkuch To Rawalpindi (670 K.M) Contact: 05814-920413, 920377
1 Gahkuch To Rawalpindi Bus 09:00 Rs. 1900/-
2 Gupis To Rawalpindi Hi-roof 08:00 Rs. 2000/-

Gilgit To Chitral (275 K.M) Contact: 05811-920454
1 Gilgit To Mustuj Chitral Bus 07:00 Rs. 800/-

Astore To Rawalpindi (600 K.M) Contact: 05817-450215
1 Astore To Rawalpindi Hi-roof Rs. 1500/-

Chilas To Rawalpindi (475 K.M) Contact: 05812-920150
1 Chilas To Rawalpindi Coaster Rs. 1300/-
2 Chilas To Rawalpindi Hi-roof Rs. 1300/-

International Routes Contact: 05813-928409
1 Sost To China Coaster/ Hi-roof Daily Rs. 2500/-

Gilgit Office
Islamabad Office
Telephone::051-4864041 – 44
Rawalpindi Office
Telephone:051-9239556 , 9239559
Karachi Office
Skardu Office
Telephone:05815-920289, 452188
Hunza Office
Ghizir Office
Telephone:05814-920413, 920377
Astore Office
Sust Office
Tangir Office
Chilas Office

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