IOS 11 – Apple’s Next Big Mobile Update!

Next month Apple will be showing off iOS 11, the next major update to hit your iPhones and iPads.

iOS 11 is rumoured to bring a host of improvements and new features, from a smart Siri to power saving improvements, and the fabled ‘Dark Mode’. Maybe Apple has a big surprise up its sleeve as well, considering it’s the iPhone’s 10th Anniversary this year.

Yep, this update looks like a doozy, and while there aren’t a tonne of concrete details just yet, we can expect more news and features to leak in the coming weeks.

Here’s everything we know about iOS 11 so far:


Quick Look

Release Date: Announced 5th June, 2017. Released September 2017.
Key features: Smarter Siri, Sleep Tracking, Battery Saving, Dark Mode, Apple Pay.

Release Date

Apple has a pretty regular release schedule – it announces software updates at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in June, then releases the software (along with new iPhones) in September.

There’s nothing to suggest they’ll be doing anything different this time around.

That means you can expect to see iOS 11 on the 5th of June, 2017.

Then get a public Beta in July.

Then full release in September.


Apple’s iOS updates have always been free, and we don’t see them changing this… ever.


Let’s get down to the rumored features coming to iOS 11 shall we? None of these are confirmed yet, but we think they’re pretty credible rumours.

Here’s everything heard so far:

Smarter Siri

2017 has undoubtedly been the year of the smart assistant, with Amazon, Google and Samsung all making big advances in this area. Apple is playing catch up here, so Siri is to get a big update in iOS 11.

Rumored updates so far including more contextual learning, it’ll learn your habits, and be anticipating your next question.

There could also be deeper integration with iMessage and iCloud.

We could even see a Siri  powered speaker, to rival Amazon Echo.

FaceTime updates

Apple’s video chat app FaceTime could be due an update, bringing it more in-line with Google Hangouts and WhatsApp.

The upgrades include a rumoured group chat function, allowing more than two people to join a call, and a voice only mode, for when you’re on the toilet, or forgot to put your makeup on.

UI and app freshen up

iOS hasn’t received a major UI update since iOS 7 back in 2013. So it wouldn’t be crazy to expect a few design changes.

A new Dark Mode has been tipped, which would ease eye strain at night. Although, this has been rumoured for several years.

This could extend to first party apps. It is the iPhone‘s 10th anniversary, after all.


Sleep tracking

Perhaps Apple will be quick to implement its latest acquisition, Beddit.

Beddit is a sleep tracking company, so we could see this added to watchOS 4, with an added section in the Health app.

Low power mode tweaks

Apple’s low power mode could receive a tweak, with more customization options and a intelligent setting, which learns your habit and switches to power saving automatically.

Send money to friends with Apple Pay

Sending money to your mates is set to become a lot easier (if they have an iPhone that is), with this rumoured update to Apple Pay.

Peer-to-peer payment will let you send cash directly from your digital wallet to a contact.


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