Once upon a time!

You and I used to be about as close as two people could possibly be, and now look at us… so alienated… so separate. 
I remember a time when we used to work like a well-oiled machine… all the intricate thoughts and emotions between us, moving through rhythmic motions in perfect harmony. 
Whatever happened to … Continue reading Once upon a time!



Traveling a long journey of heartless miles she walked alone to the shore tired with a heavy heart... wondering where life has brought her to a point where she cannot face even herself. With nothing in her mind she wanted to be alone where no one could reach her, so she could scream so high that can tear … Continue reading Wreck… 

No Face! 

Closure. Connection. Comprehension. I’m not sure if these are the perfect words for what I want out of myself. They just look safe. They just seem like the type of diction people find in their lives that makes them understand what they’re all about. I’ve hated people for it. Knowing themselves, understanding their limitations and … Continue reading No Face!