Travel Fare Charges on NATCO

Lot of people don't like or prefer traveling by buses anymore but to discover a place the safest way for a tourist is to use local transport, by doing so you do really miss out on a lot of things like seeing a lot of places by pulling over your own vehicle but if you … Continue reading Travel Fare Charges on NATCO


Sports In Punjab!

Ox Race In rural Punjab, bull race is one of the most anticipated events due to its thrilling and aggressive nature. The traditional competition attracts landlords and farmers from all around the province where the race is held, and they all bring their fastest and strongest bulls in hopes of gaining a reputation. It also … Continue reading Sports In Punjab!

Ghizer – Broghil Valley, Gilgit Baltistan

The Northern Areas of Pakistan without a doubt have one of the world’s most stunning valleys and their grandeur cannot be explained by words alone. Broghil Valley is one such place among them, whose dotted wetlands, green fields, superb wildlife and extensive glaciers all leave one enthralled. Located at about 250 kilometers from Chitral in … Continue reading Ghizer – Broghil Valley, Gilgit Baltistan