Travel Fare Charges on NATCO

Lot of people don't like or prefer traveling by buses anymore but to discover a place the safest way for a tourist is to use local transport, by doing so you do really miss out on a lot of things like seeing a lot of places by pulling over your own vehicle but if you … Continue reading Travel Fare Charges on NATCO

10 Desolate Monuments of Lahore!

Lahore, the cultural capital of Pakistan, is one of the epicenters of architecture, particularly that belonging to the Mughal period. Historical monuments and buildings serve as visual reminders of the past. They bring the general public closer to the relics of various civilizations that had once existed in the pre-historic times. The historical pieces are … Continue reading 10 Desolate Monuments of Lahore!

Ramkot Fort (Mangla) Punjab

The Crumbling Giant of Azad Kashmir Ramkot Fort is a major landmark of Mangla city. The fort, located on the top of a hill and surrounded by River Jehlum from three sides, presents a picturesque landscape. The fort is accessible from Mangla Lake which is about 20km away from Mangla city. Most of the fort was demolished during … Continue reading Ramkot Fort (Mangla) Punjab

Sports In Punjab!

Ox Race In rural Punjab, bull race is one of the most anticipated events due to its thrilling and aggressive nature. The traditional competition attracts landlords and farmers from all around the province where the race is held, and they all bring their fastest and strongest bulls in hopes of gaining a reputation. It also … Continue reading Sports In Punjab!

Rohtas Fort, Jehlum

Rohtas Fort is one of the finest specimens of pre-Mughal military architecture. It is probably one of the only surviving early Muslim structure in Pakistan. Built on top of a steep cliff on the right bank of the River Kahan, Rohtas once commanded the medieval trade route of the Shahi road or Shah Rah-e-Azam (now … Continue reading Rohtas Fort, Jehlum